Novel: Once: Once ("Eleven: Eleven")

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Every day without my book is another day not knowing what’s planned for the American Southwest.

My book will make you smarter about Mexico than most US citizens – especially the politicians.

That’s why I am offering you this special bonus –
When you order my book from this website, I will include with your book a coupon to return so that you can order another copy at half-price to give to your friend.

You’ll want to share it with all your friends because this book is so significant.
An international newspaper based in Manitoba, Canada, called my book “a thrilling novel of the complexities in Mexico … Like a story lifted off the page of today’s newspaper.”

Are you wondering about the high level of immigration from Mexico in this country? My book answers your questions that the mainstream media ignore. Now you, too, can own this book.

But let me start at the beginning to explain why it’s so important for you to read this book –
First of all, the title of the book is “Once: Once.” This is pronounced “OWN-say; OWN-say,” which is the Spanish word for “eleven.” So in English, my book is entitled “Eleven: Eleven.”
And don’t worry. The book is written entirely in English – with only a few Spanish words here and there. And for those occasional words, I will include a handy translation guide in the form of a bookmark – absolutely free!

But there is a reason I wrote the title in Spanish. And here’s why –
Have you ever looked at a digital clock – on your microwave oven, or your coffeemaker, or your wristwatch – right at the moment when it read “11:11”? Did you wonder what it means?
My book gives you several answers to that question. The most significant answer is what I call “the 11:11 convergence” – one group’s plan for the American Southwest.

This is one of two, parallel strategies – like the parallel lines of 11:11. The other plan is nearly identical – to reclaim the Mayan homeland in Chiapas and secede from the Mexican republic.

While reading my book, you will better understand what is happening, and see a glimpse of the future. Is it a conspiracy, or is it inevitable?

My book helps you comprehend the cultural and political tide that is starting to flow more deeply across our continent.
This is very important to understand, yet very few Americans or politicians understand…
My book will make you smarter about Mexico than most US citizens.

You will take a journey that reveals little-known facts, such as…
Details concerning The Plan of San Diego, Texas, in 1915, whose goal was to recapture the land that Mexico lost to the United States.
The proposed German-Mexican alliance that eventually led to the United States entering World War I.
The horrors, injustice and extent of persecution against Christians in Mexico, and the power of tribal hierarchies.
The influence of Freemasons in the history and politics of Latin America.
The military’s being the fourth institution of government.

As you read my book, you will literally take a journey from Chiapas, Mexico, to Fresno, California.
Your journey reveals the vast cultural differences that render neighboring cultures so incompatible. For instance, the justice system in Mexico is completely opposite from the US. There, you are “presumed guilty until proven innocent.” (You need to keep this fact in mind whenever you visit Mexico.)

I lived and worked in Mexico as a journalist for many years – not along the border, but in the heart of Mexico – Mexico City. My work took me to many other cities – such as Monterrey, Veracruz, Guadalajara, Acapulco, Guatemala City – and so I have been to every place that I write about.

From the very first page, you are transported…

  • into colorful regions that are exotic. In fact, my book is featured at one Internet website for travel books, because of all my cultural insights and details! Immerse yourself in these cultural details – on nearly every page – from Mexico City to rustic villages!
  • and into historical settings that explain:
    • Winfield Scott’s invasion of Mexico City, and the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, which re-drew the border between Mexico and the US
    • The Plan of San Diego, including Germany’s influence, and how this led to the US involvement in World War I
    • The legacy of freedom in Chiapas – including the Zapatista struggle to establish autonomy
      Mexico’s Aztec and Maya heritage.

And all this is presented in a compelling, entertaining, page-turning story!

You’ll meet these characters…
The lunatic general in Mexico’s military who plans not only to recapture territory once belonging to Mexico, but also to oust Mexico’s current president.
A young Mayan woman, named Consuelo, who belongs to the Tzotzil ethnic group, and wants Chiapas restored as their independent homeland.
The leader of the “People’s Army” who also is a Mason – and the powerful, yet cosmopolitan, tribal boss.
Consuelo’s boyfriend, devoted to the “11:11 convergence,” who was born in the US.
The freelance reporter dedicated to solving the mystery of two pastors and a woman missionary who were murdered
… and many others. It’s a compelling, page-turning story – a mystery to solve not only the murder of Consuelo’s aunt, but also the identity of her father – as well as her own identity.

At a time when there’s so much speculation and personal opinion about Mexico and immigration, what’s the truth? You can be one of the few who understand. This knowledge is more important today than ever before.

That’s the key to my book, helping you to understand. In fact, there’s a section containing four appendices following the story. And it is the result of my first-hand research and investigation, which you shouldn’t ignore.

This book is loaded! And there’s nothing else like it. Consider this: To get the equivalent of what my book contains –
You would need to buy several books; do all the research and interviews yourself over a ten-year period, like I did; live in Mexico and travel throughout the country for nearly a decade –

Compared with all this, $15.95 is a tremendous bargain! That’s below the regular list price for my book.
You get it all in this one, single book! I already did it all for you.
So don’t delay. Remember: Every day without my book is another day not knowing what’s planned for the American Southwest.
And with your book I’ll send you a bonus coupon to order another copy at half-price to give to your friend!

Su amigo,

Lee Cuesta

Here’s your chance to own the book that many of your peers are talking about

What They’re Saying…

A Colorado congressman — “Many thanks. Great read!”

Diane — “It was timely for vacation reading. I am enjoying it and am glad for the pleasant way of catching up on that history!”

Doris — “It is hard to put down after you have started it and in the next-to-the-last chapter it brought a tear to my eye. But everything came together so greatly and right up to the end it was super!!”

Richard —“You must have heard this a lot already, but this is really a GREAT BOOK!!! I’m only into the 6th chapter and very much involved! The plot comes together nicely and will only ‘blossom out’ as it progresses, I’m sure.”

Bertie — “I just wanted to tell Lee that I just now completed his book. It took me a little while to get into it, but after I did, I really did enjoy it. It was an excellent book, and I’m privileged to have read it. Thanks a lot.”

Emily — “Personally, I appreciate the way you have written this book. It is refreshing and new and you did not conform to the mold of a typical religious book. It is not cheesy in any way. It seems very realistic and honest.”

Linda — “I was extremely impressed. I cared about the characters, and it’s interesting. I had to keep reading to find out what happens. I’m already looking forward to your next book.”

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Great Novel Combines Mystery, Conspiracy, Cultural Insights

Embodied in this five star novel is suspense, conspiracy, romance, and a mysterious phenomenon known as Once:Once. With a young man seeking a higher power, a young woman who has been cast out by her own people searching for her true identity, and a villainous general attempting to take control of Chiapas and overturn the Mexican government, Once:Once will undoubtedly captivate anyone searching for an outstanding work of literature. I enjoyed this novel very much because it has excellent character development and impressive storytelling. Lee Cuesta has masterfully created a unique novel that will have everyone reading Once:Once from cover to cover.

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