John 3:16 Pewter Pendant by Enok O

previously $19.90

It’s more than a crucifix. It’s the entire gospel.

With that statement, Lee Cuesta announces a new jewelry creation by Enok O that is ideal for the Christmas season. This medallion, primarily to be worn as a pendant, is a symbolic, wordless representation of John 3:16. Every portion of the circular pendant, measuring only 3 cm (1.25 inches) in diameter, depicts a separate phrase in the verse.

“So my design includes seven segments in all—representing the seven phrases of this Bible verse—which are fully integrated,” says artist and designer Enok O. The pendant is not coined, or stamped, but instead it is cut from the metal.

The medallion’s design is definitely unisex, equally attractive for women and men. So with Christmas fast approaching, “it is the ideal time to think about giving a gift,” says Lee Cuesta, “either for someone else, or for yourself.” Currently, this medallion by Enok O is available in silver (nickel or sterling), pewter, and bronze (white or yellow). Also, a booklet containing the drawings that explain each of the seven sections in the medallion, will be included with every pendant.

Pewter pendant: $5.95 (USD)

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